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Anglican Students' Fellowship, University of Ibadan (ASF, UI) is blessed with several units all with the same aim of worshipping God through various methods, ministering to people according to their needs and developing talents in individuals to the glory of God.

Academic unit / Library

The Academic unit sees to the academic welfare of the members of the fellowship. The unit is to ensure that the brethren are not lacking in this primary assignment by making past questions and other materials available to the brethren, organizing tutorials, academic seminars, etc. The unit is headed by the Academic Coordinator who is also the Library Coordinator, looking after the fellowship library.

Bible Study Unit

The Bible Study unit of the fellowship is the passage through which the word of God comes out undiluted to God's people as and at when due. It is the unit which co-ordinates the weekly Bible Study and Sunday school in the fellowship, produces Bible Study Outlines and teaches in the School of Discipleship. Membership is strictly by appointment after which members are subjected to training and made to tarry to learn and observe before functioning. The unit is headed by the Bible study secretary who is appointed yearly and in turn appoints Bible study teachers under the unction of God Almighty. ASF,UI thank God His word is not scarce in our midst.

Choir Unit

The Jesus Praise Choir is the unit which is made up of people with talented voices ministering through songs and leading God's people to His presence in worship, far above songs and instruments. Also, it welcomes invitations to Minister from any part of the world. Activities of the choir are directed by the choir coordinator(s) appointed yearly under the unction of the Almighty God, the inspiration of whom the unit relies solely.

Drama Unit

The Victorious Generation Drama Group is another unit where God ministers to His people through the creative ability given to men. Here, the word of God is reasonable and logically acted out in scenes, backed up by unction from God as in the ministration through Moses to the Israelites (Psa. 103:7). The activities of this unit is not limited to ASF,UI alone but extended to churches, schools and other places all over the world where souls need too be ministered unto. The unit is being led by the drama coordinator(s) selected yearly strictly under the authority of the most high God.

Evangelism Unit

The Evangelism unit avails the fellowship the opportunity of observing the great commission: "go and preach the gospel". Comprising men heaving passion for the lost souls all over the world, visiting hospitals, villages, towns, school, churches and other places as directed with the good news. The unit is headed by the evangelism secretary who receives instruction from god concerning places that need the gospel of Christ at a particular point in time.

Follow-up unit

The follow up unit is the unit where new converts are visitors are traced until they have a firm-footing in Christ. It is about the spiritual maturity of all members of the fellowship. Graduates from the school of discipleship are also followed up by delegated individuals together with prayers to ensure they are rightly placed in the units where they are also expected to serve. Membership is by appointment by the follow up secretary who is also the Dean of the school of discipleship.

Organizing Unit

The Organising unit headed by the organizing secretary is the unit in charge of transportation and proper handling of fellowship materials, sanitation, arrangement and decoration of venues of meetings. With God on our side, every fellowship venue becomes a paradise to behold! The unit is in charge of the final organization of every special fellowship programme, securing venues of fellowship in case of programs that would hold outside the fellowship's usual place of meeting, as well as purchase, care and maintenance of all non-technical fellowship property. In summary, it functions as the storekeeper of the fellowship.

Prayer Unit

The prayer unit is made up of people who stand in the gap for the fellowship and individual members to seek the face of God concerning matters, events, individual and things to come. It also coordinates the fellowship prayer meeting, vigils as well as special prayer session. It could be consulted by individuals for personal prayer request. If you call it "the power house" or "the fellowship altar", you may be right! The prayerful church is a powerful church.

Publicity & Gospel Publications Unit

The publicity unit is the media through which information is disseminated either from the fellowship to its members or from the fellowship to the public. Production and provision of publicity materials for the fellowship e.g banners, posters, handbills, etc and gospel materials e.g tracts, leaflets, and magazines from the fellowship are also handled by this unit. Through it, the fellowship is well informed about activities of Anglican Students' Fellowship at the state and national levels. The unit which is also in charge of all incoming and outgoing mails passes for the mouth-piece of the fellowship.

Technical unit

The Technical unit is not overlooked, as it comprises men filled with the knowledge and skill of the present day technologies and applying it in different ways to help spread the gospel of Christ. Through this unit, electrical facilities, public address systems and other necessities are installed and monitored at fellowship meetings and program venues. It also sees to the purchase, care and maintenance of these equipments and instruments.

The Brothers' Forum

This forum, which is usually headed by the Brothers' Coordinator, consists of all the brothers in the fellowship. Essentially, the forum ensures the spiritual growth and maturity of the brothers in the fellowship into becoming God-fearing men.

The Sisters' Forum

This forum, which is usually headed by the Sisters' Coordinator, consists of all the sisters in the fellowship. The forum is an avenue to reach out to the sisters, and also see their welfare. Essentially, the forum ensures the spiritual growth and maturity of the sisters in the fellowship into becoming virtuous women. The sisters' forum gives special dedication to virtually all issues that affect ladies, thereby building role models, who will reflect the life of Christ to others.

Ushering Unit

The Ushering Unit in ASF,UI is that established to help obey the Biblical command in 1Cor. 14:40, "Let all things be done decently and in order". Its functions therefore include ensuring proper arrangement of fellowship meetings and special programmes, ensuring comfort of fellowship members at meetings, ensuring proper decorum throughout fellowship meetings, ensuring that all forms of offerings taken during fellowship meetings at meetings.

Welfare unit

The welfare unit is that which sees to the well being of members spiritually, physically, academically, etc. It is the unit members consult in case of any personal need arising. It comprises of hall representatives and assistants and other members who join willingly and/or as God leads. With Godly compassion in their hearts, they care to know if members are in school or not; in need or not; and even happy or not. The unit also sees to the entertainment of guests at fellowship meetings and special programs. These deacons playing the role of locale parentus, even at the hall levels, organise morning devotional meetings and other useful activities for members' development, at least once a week.

Welcome to our happy family!