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Obamina Elizabeth Omotine





Can we meet you?

I am Obamina Elizabeth Omotine, a 100 level student, faculty of law. I reside in Obafemi Awolowo Hall, a proud ASFITE, I am third child in a family of four children, the first girl (Ada of the house.... Laughs).

Can you tell us about your Educational Background?

I attended Sacred Heart Primary School, Ring Road then proceeded to Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Oluyole for my Secondary school Education. Now in UI here.

So how did you make it to this great citadel of learning, University of Ibadan?

Basically by Grace, because I do not have the best results, I never imagine myself would be in the faculty of Law, But when Grace set you apart for a difference, it is always standard. I actually had a very low JAMB score of 200. So, I was planning to buy a change of course form, but my brother told me &to wait, just calm down, don't rush it...& Well, that was the same year JAMB made the cut off 180 and UI said they wanted 200, same year there was not going to be Post UTME and Calculation was done. So I told God, anyhow you want to do it, if you want me to be here, let me be here. That is practical Grace.

What prompted you to choose UI and your course of study?

University of Ibadan is the premier university, and I heard alot about it, very good stories about it. Most of the people I meet, they are always from UI with good grades, PhD etc. Again, it's a family thing, I don't want to be far away from home because I like home, and I can't imagine myself being far away from home.

Yeah, Law, I like Justice, I want to be behind people's smile and I feel like Law itself is the legal means to be able to make others smile and touch lives practically.

Now you are here, do you feel fulfilled, Has the university met your expectation of a dream school?

Hmmm... When I was coming, I had great expectations maybe because I pictured UI as heaven on earth. I have not seen the heaven.. (laughs) but I hope I see it soon. So, let's say the university is still in process of meeting my expectations.

You have been a Christian, so how far your journey with God? What's your salvation story?

I can't remember when I get my life to Christ, maybe because I was born in a christian home, although that's not a prerequisite sha. But I can remember the exact day I decided to be serious with Christ. Yes, I have been having ups and downs been a christian, nobody is perfect but I working towards attaining a level of perfection. Actually that decision was made after my JAMB period and ever since then, Thank God I made a first contact with a very good fellowship on campus, I have been enjoying God.

Having made contact with a very good fellowship on campus, How did you learn about the fellowship?

My cousin has been talking about ASF UI before I came to school, He stayed in Kuti Hall, though, he was not an ASFITE and also my brother too. And, I'm an Anglican from home, it's just normal for me to join blood and follow  family.

So far in ASF UI, how has it been?

I don't if I would have enjoyed what I am enjoying from ASF with any other fellowship. Yes, I'm walkabout, I have been to different fellowship especially for their freshers welcome and they are not like ASF. ASF UI Has been a blessing and  have touched every aspect of my life, normal me will not always look forward to Sunday but everyday I look forward to all fellowship meetings of the week. I'm always proud to tell people that I'm coming from the fellowship.

Can you tell us what you love so much about ASF?

The people! Everybody has a large heart. I can't imagine myself coming as a fresher and I get to know people, everybody just accepts me, even those I don't know their names and those I forget their names, they still know me and they are always smiling...

Also, the praise and worship, in as much as FBC used to allow me miss it but it's always on point.

You just concluded your FBC, So, which unit(s) would you like to serve?

They are plenty ooo (laughs). But They said we can only join one for now. So, I will like to join the Drama unit because I think I have a flare for acting so I just want to use it for God. Subsequently, I will like to follow Sister Osoke in Organizing unit.

As a fresher, What are the things you don't like about the fellowship or what would you like to see the fellowship improve on?

I'm not so happy that I did not see any ASFITES at all during my clearance. And again, the Bible study, it's way too long, we don't have to read every Bible passage, we usually end up repeating and emphasizing, yes, there is a point of emphasis but when the talk is too much, people tend to forget the real deal about it. Then, Time management during bible study especially on Wednesday is not too encouraging. And also, Follow up on members too.

What's your favorite color and why?

Pink! No exact reason actually but the fact that it's a bright colour. Again, it's noticeable, there's no how you will put on pink and you won't be obvious.

Can you tell us your favorite food?

OMG! I'm a food monger (laughs). My favorite food is Fried rice.. I can do anything for fried rice and yes Indomie too because you can experiment and perform magic with it.

What are your hobbies?

I like talking, reading books, watching movies, playing, smiling and laughing.

Finally, any advice to your fellow freshmen?

As a fresher it's a privilege to be in UI. It's now not about having that privilege but how well you utilize it. Life is an opportunity on its own, most people grab the opportunity early enough and they rise high. Again, we are in a society especially in ASF where they tell you the experiences of those that have gone before you. You don't need to have your own experience before you can learn. I feel it's better to learn from their mistakes and successes.

At this stage, don't just pass through UI, also, let UI pass through you. You can only be a fresher once, enjoy it. Get to know people, affect lives. Everywhere you are, impart and touch souls. Also know the main reason that we are in school. Do not anything that God will not be proud of, your parents won't be proud of your mates will not be proud of and you yourself will not be proud of.

How do you feel being our ASFITE OF THE MONTH...

I feel great, I feel Waaawu! (laughs). Really, I never expected it.. Thanks alot Publicity and Gospel Publications Unit for choosing me.

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ASFite of the Month: Obamina Elizabeth Omotine
ASFite of the Month: Obamina Elizabeth Omotine