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Okoliocha Arinze Paul

Finally, we get to see you and we are happy to inform you that you are our ASFITE OF THE MONTH for July. So can we meet you?
My name is OKOLIOCHA Arinze Paul. I am from Anambra State. We are eight in the family: I am the fourth born with five siblings- four males and two females.

How did you get to know about ASF, UI?
I have always known that there is an organization called Anglican Students’ Fellowship in higher institutions. Since UI is not a small school, I definitely knew it must be in existence here

Since you’ve been here, how has it been?
I have been blessed in so many areas--the messages, Bible studies, the people I meet. In fact, they are all wonderful people.

Is there any special programme in ASF,UI that you’ve attended?
I have not attended much sha because sometimes I will just disappear (laughs). But for the little ones I attended, I think they are wonderful programmes. I was at Anglicana 009, the one we held this year. That was my first time of attending the programme and it was awesome.

What department are you?
I’m in the department of Medicine and Surgery

Whoa, MBBS! So how has it been?
Hmmm, I must say it has not been easy. But with God, I think I’m forging ahead. God has been my help, He strengthens me. Even when I am weak, I still count on Him to see me through. It has not been easy to combine academics, social life and fellowship. One thing I keep telling myself is that it is God that brought me here so I must give Him priority in all my endeavors.

What level are you now?
I am currently in 200L

Are you in any unit in ASF, UI?
For now, I am just a helping hand. I am not fully in any unit so to say (laughs)

So in which unit are you a helping hand?
Organizing unit, but I have not joined them officially

Do you hold any post in ASF, UI?
Yes. I am the Tedder Hall Rep.

How has it been leading people in your hall--morning cry, devotion, etc?
Haaa! It has not been easy o (laughs). First of all, you will be the first to wake up. You go to their rooms to call them out. Some will come, and others will just sleep off again. It is part of what you see as a leader. But for the ones that come, I make sure we pray and encourage one another.

What are your hobbies?
I love reading and playing chess. Just that now, there is no time again for playing chess. I also love watching football but I cannot do it now.

Do you do any other thing apart from these?
No. (laughs) I am the type that takes much time to retain what I read. So I have to read and read and read! And for me, if I don’t finish what I’m expected to, there is this fear that I have not done my part. Even if I’m not able to finish at the end of the day, I would have done the best I can. For me in UI, there are only two important things--God and my academics. Other things have no value to me

So what is special about you?
Well, I know that I am not social. But when you come close to me, you will know that I am blessed inside. From childhood, I am an introvert--an extreme one. The way I was brought up makes it difficult to associate freely with people. That is why I am always indoors. Once you come close to me, you will see that I don’t have much problem; only a little problem (laughs) and this God is helping me to deal with.

Do you have any admired ASFite, past or present?
Of course! Our former president, Bro. Matthew from Tedder Hall, and even you [Osoke] (laughs). I admire the way you greet people. Keep it up! I admire several others...Bro. Nonso, etc. They have much work to do, but you still see them in fellowship activities. It calls for much grace and I need such grace. So I admire many people, I’ve only mentioned a few.

Your word of advice for ASFites?
In life, one has to set his or her priorities, and God should be the number one priority in everything we do. Even when you are not getting it right, ask for mercy to get it right. For me, after acquiring my MBBS degree without God, it will flourish here on earth only. One is still useless. In fact, there is a place you will get to and you will know that your degree cannot save you. It only takes God’s intervention in such cases. So I implore ASFites to pursue God in all their endeavours. Let us commit everything we do into the hands of the Lord

Your favourite food?
Hehehe! I like food na. You know I’m from Anambra State and from there, we have varieties of soup. There is one we call Ohan soup, I think that’s my favourite in terms of soup. Generally, I think I like beans prepared with potatoes, yam or plantain

Your favourite colour?
I’m not the colour person, but I like white a lot. My surname is Okoliocha and ‘ocha’ means white in Igbo language. So when you see me, you see Okoliocha

So are you the only ocha in your family?
No! We are three that are fair in complexion

Thank you very much for your time! From Publicity Unit, we admire you and we pray God bless and make you succeed so that we see you in a few years to come as Dr. Okoliocha
Thank you (laughs).
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ASFite of the Month: Okoliocha Arinze Paul
ASFite of the Month: Okoliocha Arinze Paul