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Olawale Ojo Aramide

PP: Can we meet you?
I am Olawale Ojo Aramide. I was born on the 8th December to the family of five, last child. I am studying civil engineering. I am from Ondo State, Akoko North West. I reside in Awo Hall. 
PP: Tell us about your parents and siblings?
Mum used to work in First Bank, she retired in 2013. I have 4 siblings- one sister, three brothers. My sister is married and in Canada. She has a child. My brothers are in the university. One is about to graduate from the University of Ilorin, finished his project and everything. One is in Unilag, 100 level, computer science. 
PP: Can you tell us about your educational background?
My primary school is in Lagos, Lara Nur. & Primary School, Ikeja. There I didn’t do primary 6, I went from primary 5 to Trinity International. I spent 2 years. Then I went to Straitgate, so I finished in Straitgate.
PP: So why did you choose UI, what inspired you?
I didn’t actually choose UI, I wanted to choose Unilorin, but I don’t know how the teachers started talking to me, …… I don’t even know, they sha inspired me to choose UI instead of Unilorin.
PP: Ok, why did you pick civil engineering?
I like construction, design from a very young age. Just love designing anything.
PP: Wow, can you design cloth, draw?
I have not really tried that one, I just do little bit of still life and imaginative drawing.
PP: What of designing like on computer like poster and others, do you do that?
I have not done that on computer, but I can design a poster on paper or card board.
PP: Why did you make up your mind to come to ASF?
I am an Anglican from home, so I just decided to come here.
PP: And since you have been coming, you still decide to stay in ASF?
PP: Before we go on, how did you make it to the University, so how was your jamb?
My jamb score, even though my mum said it was high, I didn’t feel as if it was high. I knew I could have done better, I knew I barely read. Then post jamb (laughs).
PP: What did you score in Jamb?
PP: Haha… and you are not saying it is high (laughs). You are a boss o,
PP: What of your post utme?
It wasn’t that good. Ok, I got 58, but I was even surprised that I got the cut-off mark on the dot, the cut-off mark was 64 and I got 64 on the dot, so I was very happy and I thanked God for it.
PP: Alright, that’s grace right? Glory to God! There is a purpose for you being here definitely.
Peculiar Penz: Ok, Has UI met the expectation of your dream school?
Aramide: Not yet, I don’t know how to say it but they have not met it.
Peculiar Penz: Are they far from meeting your expectation?
Aramide: A bit far but not that far 
Peculiar Penz: So what is your dream school like?
Aramide: A lot to say 
Peculiar Penz: You have been a Christian so far, can you tell us how far, your journey with God and what is your story?
Aramide:  how far I will say it is actually not that far, the story started after I wrote my GCE August – September. I could not come back to  school because their was no money at all, I had to spend like half of the remaining first term at home, then I don’t know how God did it, someone just paid my school fees, exam fees, my remaining money for exam the whole ss3 fees as well. I wasn’t told the person. Since then, I have been giving God all the glory, I know it’s not by power or might and also my being in UI is God.
Peculiar Penz: Now you have almost concluded FBC, so what unit would you like to serve? 
Aramide : I don’t know yet 
Peculiar Penz: But you like to design, maybe, you should think about publicity? 
Aramide: ok I will think about it 
Peculiar Penz: (laughs) Can we know your hobbies, what you like doing, your dislikes as well
Aramide : My hobbies are mainly designing  and drawing, not every time but when I get inspiration. Sometimes, I read. I also like to play table tennis or any other sport. For food, I’d take more of junks than solid food. 
Peculiar Penz: haah, you will not be fat o,  What are your dislikes? 
Aramide : I don’t like people who pretend, so I actually take my time to understand people. I can easily tell a person with 1  or 2 days with the person.
Peculiar penz: 1 or 2 days, Isn’t that too short? Actually, So you can tell everybody in ASF by now
Aramide : eehn most people
Peculiar Penz: Hmmm... Ok, what’s your best colour?
Aramide : it is white, even though people don’t take that as a colour
Peculiar Penz: Who can you point to as your favourite person in ASF or people you like in ASF?
Aramide  : Generally, everybody in ASF, they are all concern about each other well-being and welfare.
Peculiar Penz: What is your most memorable day so far in UI? 
 Aramide : I don’t think I have one in UI yet
Peculiar penz:  What is your best food? 
Aramide: pounded yam and Ewedu
Peculiar Penz :  What would you like the fellowship to improve on?
Aramide : haa, I have not really thought of that yet, but so far I just see that they need to be time conscious, however, every other thing is good.
Peculiar Penz : Today was wazobia Sunday I did not see you dancing, or you are dancing spiritual?
Aramide  : yes o (smiles) 
Peculiar Penz : Finally, what is your advice to your fellow freshmen?
Aramide : They should work and also pray; they should be balanced, they shouldn't forget God , they should always put and make Him first.
Peculiar Penz : so how did you feel being chosen as the ASFITE of the Month?
Aramide : I am confused
Peculiar Penz : laughs, wow? 
Aramide : I don’t know how I made the ASFITE of the Month, because I barely do anything, nearly talk to nobody
Peculiar Penz : That’s  one of the reasons, it really made you outstanding. Isn’t that peculiar? So, we decided to know this wonderful, quiet sister that attends the fellowship and meticulously disappears after service. And we guess the whole house will want to know her as well.
Peculiar Penz : We trust God for a magnificent you at the end of your 5-year program,. We pray that the Lord will perfect your path throughout your stay in UI. Thank you so much for your time.

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ASFite of the Month: Olawale Ojo Aramide
ASFite of the Month: Olawale Ojo Aramide