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What If There Was No Christmas?

Friday, 24 April 2015 · Poetical
What if there was no Christmas,
No Babe lying in the manger
What if the Savior wasn't born?
To heal the world's hurt and anger?

There would be no Good Friday,
No Palm Sunday or Resurrection Day
There would be no souls to show
The truth, the light or the way.

What if there was no Christmas,
No freedom from our strife
No hope or any anticipation
Of having a blissful eternal life?

There would be no everlasting joy,
No chance of a never-ending love
There would be no glorious meeting
With our Savior one day above.

What if there was no Christmas,
No trust, no faith, no peace
No virgin birth, no babe born
So our pain and tears would cease?

There would be no Prince of Life,
No eternal Lord and King
There would be no rational
In the Christmas songs we sing.

What if the baby Jesus wasn't born?
On Christmas Day?
What then would be the reason?
To even celebrate today?

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