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Valentine Lady

Tuesday, 14 February 2017 · Uncategorized
Valentine Lady: Priceless Ruby,
Made from man’s ribs with God’s own hands
Clothed with Gold invisible
You are worth more than even that Gold
Hey it’s you, Yes you!!!!!
Believe me or not, your body is sacred
If you won’t listen to me, listen to that …
Still, gentle, calm voice
Singing in your heart:
Unpersuasive but honest
Echoing those cute THREE words
Not the one ringing in your head
Of the endless lies of vicious men
Pressure can only increase from all sides
‘old-fashioned’ or ‘left-out’ you might feel,
Even your emotions can betray you
And those curves that make you take a second look…
At yourself, wanting to be appreciated
Even Rahab knew she had to save herself
Showing love doesn’t include losing ‘IT’
Today is a day to celebrate yourself
As much as everyone far and near
If you don’t love ‘U’, you can love ‘Others’
And if you’ve lost ‘IT’
It’s a day to rededicate it not loose it again
To every single lady out there who’s PRICELESS
To every adorable gem who thinks she means NOTHING
I tell you, you are PRICELESS
And its not just about the WHITE and red
Make it happen
Valentine ladies

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