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Treasure in a Jar of Clay

Sunday, 30 June 2013 · Christian Life
Salt spices our diet, and light brightens our surrounding. In the same vein, by design and purpose, we have been saddled with the responsibility to influence our world. Little wonder the Bible describes us as both “the light” and “the salt”. True life is thus a life that is “alive”. It is living with influence. That reputable motivational speaker and author, John Mason, asserted that life is not measured by its duration but in its “donation”.

Jesus Christ our perfect example never misread his cards while on earth. His life was impactful. He never abused God’s grace upon his life or lost track of who he was. Rather, he left his world better than he found it. Even the Bible describes Him as “the light that shineth upon every man that came into the world” He didn’t just preach the word, He lived the word. He was simply “alive” all his life. Just as there is no limit to the effect of light, the fact remains that every true contact with heaven comes with a change, first to the person in question and secondly to his environment. Darlene Zschech termed it “Touching Heaven, Changing Earth”.

Unfortunately this is against the background of what obtains in our contemporary world where most people are Christians by appellation, but not in principle: “Having a form of godliness but denying the power” or maybe in this case, “abusing the power”. But friends, it is about time we looked inward and rediscover our true identity in Christ; to live what we “claim” we are. The time is ripe to “Arise and shine”, with weapons of righteousness at our right hand and left hand, “for our light is come”.

The earth is full of darkness. Little wonder there is a lot of stumbling on the path of the wicked, but God has planted us in this gross darkness so that we will give light and direction as our Father is light, preventing the triumph of evil by our act of righteousness. We are the answer to the question of our world; the solution to their problems.
“Many people in the world are trying to find God and what we show them is much important than what we tell them” Joyce Meyer.
Written by Ibelo W. Emeka
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