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The Appendix

Monday, 19 September 2016 · Christian Life
The appendix is the part of the human body located along the digestive tract but not taking part in the digestion process. The vermiform appendix is a small blind process leading off from the caecum (the first part of the large intestine) close to the entry of the ileum (the last part of the small intestine). It usually lies folded up behind the caecum, but may protrude downwards over the brim of the pelvis. The human body is made up of many different parts, each serving its own function to make the body complete and perform its activities in the most effective way (Rom 12:4,5). However, the appendix just occupies space and doesn’t perform any obvious function at all.

Just as it is possible for there to be a part of the human body which has no observable function and whose absence is not felt, it is possible to be a part of the body of Christ and be practically useless. Like the appendix which harbours a mass of white blood cells that can be useful for defence and immunity of the body but does not take part in the defence, there are a lot of ‘Christians’ who have been given everything needed for life and godliness, and endowed with great gifts useful in the house of God, but leave them dormant (Read 2Pet 1:3).

In the same, body where the liver performs numerous vital functions, the appendix lies idle. How useful are you in the body of Christ? It is true you are a member of the Body, you go to church, but are you an appendix not contributing in any way to the growth and development of the body (Eph 4:15,16)? Since the appendix does no good, people do not hesitate to cut it off when it causes them discomfort. Appendicectomy, the removal of the appendix became popular when King Edward VII had his removed,  and this operation has no long-term harmful consequences. It gives the Father great displeasure and discomfort having useless people occupying space in the body. He cuts off every branch that does not bear fruit (John 15:2).

When one wants to have his appendix removed, he goes to the physician for test and advise, and a date is fixed for the removal. The Great Physician is the Head of the Body of Christ. The day is coming when the quality of each man’s work will be tested (1 Cor 3:11-15). This is another opportunity to uncover your buried talent (Matt. 25:18-30) before the day of reckoning comes when there will be no more chance to make amends. Now is the time, don’t lose the golden opportunity.

An article by Sis. Oludoyin Olufajo in Eklektos Genos, a publication of the Anglican Students’ Fellowship, University of Ibadan (2008)
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