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TRUE LIFE: A Commission that is hinged on responsibility

Sunday, 28 July 2013 · Christian Life
Until we ACT, we will never experience the “ACTS” of God. Most times we expect something but sit back and do nothing; little wonder we end up getting nothing --- “IRRESPONSIBILITY” is the bane of Christianity

The word of God is a book that is richly filled with the promises of God and interestingly, these promises are all “yes and Amen” in Christ Jesus. Is worthy to note that though the promises of God are “free”, they are never automatic. To witness the realization of these promises, we have got to “fight” our way to it. Even before we experienced the free gift of salvation, we needed to confess with our mouth and believe with our heart (I think that was responsibility). In 1 kings 30, the Amalekites attacked Ziklag and took hostage their wives and sons and daughters (including the two wives of David). In verse 8, David enquired of the Lord and God assured him of total recovery of all that the “enemy” had taken from him which of course in verse 18 he did experience. The key to this breakthrough is in David’s faithfulness to his responsibility. Verse 17 stated “David fought them from dusk until the evening of the next day……” Even at God’s promise, David didn’t sit back; he engaged himself. Before he could “overtake his enemies” and “rescue the captives”, he needed to “pursue”. He did his BEST before God could do the REST. He fought his way through.

Note this: No victory in life comes without a “fight”. According to A.W. Tozer, the world is a battlefield and not a playground.
The bible, in addition to the promises of God, is filled with our responsibilities. Our faithfulness to these responsibilities provides a platform on which God exercises his promises.  According to 1 Corinthians 3 vs. 6, Saint Paul needed to “plant the seed” and Apollos needed to “water it” before God could cause an “increase”. To experience a “time of refreshing”, we have got to break off this fallow ground of “irresponsibility”. Faithfulness to our responsibilities is the key that unlocks the promises of God to us. For instance, as effective and powerful as God’s grace is, we need to apply ourselves consciously to it to be able to experience its true effect – “ WORK OUT your salvation with fear and trembling” (ls very possible even as a Christian to continually struggle with the “stronghold” of sin because of “irresponsibility”). According to Colossians 2 verse 3, in God are hid all treasures of wisdom and knowledge, yet to experience the best as a Christian student, there is a place of diligence which is our own part of the “bargain”.( Proverbs 12 vs. 24: Diligent hands will rule…..)

So much has been promised but to experience its manifestation, we have got to be “responsible”. Only a “responsible” man commands a “response” from God. The Lord is our “Muscle”, he will help us.
By Ibelo W.Emeka
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