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Pray with Passion

Tuesday, 06 November 2018 · Christian Life
Pray with Passion 
We desperately need to come to God with the vital issues that plague us! These usually aren't the things we want played on a loudspeaker. Our greatest tragedy is that we left the praying to the women and the intercessors while we went odd into "other areas of interest." Those interests drained us, and we wonder why we feel so depleted. What did we expect? Since we have abandoned the prayer closet, everything is "going out" and nothing is "coming back." Prayer builds back what life has depleted. It is neither religious nor rehearsed. True prayers are spontaneous appeals by faith filled men to a mighty God who hears and answers.
My faith is not in my mouth ability to speak; it is in God's uncanny ability to hear and understand my every prayer. He already knows what I am trying to say, even as I grope blindly through my inabilities looking for words that seem to evade me. 
Prayer is a spiritual act, and my communication is oiled by the fact that I know how well He understands. 
My brothers and my sisters,  if we fail to learn the healing art of prayer, we will practice the hideous habit of worry! If we don't learn to kneel to prayer, we will stand in frustration. Our angry ranting  and raving is only a telltale sign of how long it has been since we have has fervent prayer! True prayer is not bossy, domineering, or manipulative. True prayer brings domineering men to a place of submission.
Prayer is a confession that we are still limited men, and with that confession comes the same relief a woman finds in the arm of a strong arm. 
Prayer is a compliment to God. It is an admission that we believe in His competence to deal with the issues. God is flattened and blessed when you pray. The heart of your boss is in His hand. The government is in His hand. He is well able to intervene in everything you or your family will face, but you must learn to ask!
If you need a revival of your passion, your excitement, and your intensity, then you news to pray for a revival. No, I am not talking about the kind of "revival" that is just a date on a calendar or a meeting time at the church. 
"The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much" (James 5:16). If the prayer of an impotent man can produce a nation of descendants (Abraham), then you should know that the prayer you offer in your emptiness will produce a world of abundance and joy! 
Most of the things we seek counseling for are areas in need of prayer. We used to be people of prayer, but now we seek the voice of a counselor instead of the voice of the Counselor. We must know Him for ourselves! We need men who will pray!
Do you live close enough to God to hear His warning of pending danger? Your family needs to be sheltered under the covering of your prayer life. No wonder the disciple of Jesus cried out, "Lord, teach us TO pray!" The man didn't ask the Lord to teach them "how" to pray; he wanted to learn "to" pray. The "why" of prayer and the urgency of prayer are more important than the mechanics. Lack of prayer has left us carnal and worldly. Mere human weakness should never stop us from praying. In fact, it makes us pray harder when we make a manly commitment to stop running from God and start running to God.

  Extracted from Loose that man & let him go- T. D. Jakes
( A book every "man" needs to read)
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