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My Salvation Experience

Wednesday, 15 June 2016 · Christian Life
Like many youths my age at that time, I sought peace, satisfaction, attention, appreciation through every possible means. Growing up in a vicarage made me nurtured in the things of God. I grew up knowing that stealing, lying, abusing and all sorts of habits found with little children were not of God. I was taught to perform religious obligations like reading my Bible every morning and praying and attending Sunday school as it seemed to me then. I lived my early teenage years in self-conceit and self-consciousness. A little fantasizing here and there. (I didn’t really think of boys, I just thought of having money!)

As time went on, I felt some kind of emptiness in me. Like the way the world was described as without form and void in Gen1:1, so was my life. I knew I needed Christ to fill me up. I had heard it everywhere: “GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST NOW! TOMMORROW MIGHT BE TOO LATE!” I just wasn’t ready to join the “Christian race” yet as I felt it would be boring, full of rules and regulations, a lot of do’s and do not’s. I remember my first altar call. I told a lie like 20hours after. Altar call upon altar call, resolution upon resolution, determination upon determination, rising today and falling tomorrow, everything still felt like a set of rules and regulations!

I cannot remember how or when or why it happened. I just felt a sudden jolt from my inner self. There in the comfort of my room, I gave my all to Christ, COMPLETELY. Not because I wanted to pass my exams or because I needed money. I just knew I needed Him. It wasn’t until recently that I began to appreciate the gift of salvation. I also realised that God loves me as much as He loves Pst. E.A Adeboye. He waited for me till I came running back to Him as the hopeless teenager I was. It was then I learnt this that I fell in love with HIM! And I wouldn’t trade Him for anything. Though temptations arise like most mornings I have to choose between opening my Bible or brushing through my phone, I know He still loves me. Glory!

I also know that I have a lot to learn from the Greatest Teacher of all. That alone thrills me. I do not really know the day or date I got saved, but isn’t the knowledge of the truth that I am saved sufficient?

- Grace Babatunji
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