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I Met A Man...

Wednesday, 03 August 2016 · Poetical

I met a man who turned my darkness into light

He has been my companion ever since the day we met,

A lot of times I’ve tried to leave Him,

But with a smile he holds me close and reminds me of His immense love for me.


This man I met can do anything He wills,

He is simply the most loving man I’ve met,

He is always there to guide  and protect me,

He meets every of my needs before I notice I need them.


I was so shocked when this man agreed to be bruised and nailed all because of me,

This man bore the pain with me ringing in His mind

With my image inscribed in His palms,

He allowed Himself to suffer in my place.


One day, I shyly looked into His eyes and

Asked Him how he could have loved me so,

He told me the reason goes beyond explanation

I was awed and did not know what to say,

He just bent on one knee and asked me to fall in love with Him.


                                                                        Moyosore Abegunde.

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