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How Can I?

Wednesday, 03 August 2016 · Poetical

How can I be thirsty when my Father is the Living Water?

How can I hate, when my Father is love?

How can I live in sin when my Father dwells in Holiness?

How can I be small when the earth is my Father’s footstool?

How can I fail when my Father has never failed?

How can I be poor when my Father is the owner of the heavens and earth?

How can I be timid when my Father is the mighty man in battle?

How can I be confused when my father knows the end from the beginning?

How can I wallow in unbelief when my Father’s hobby is doing the impossible?

How can I miss my way when my Father IS the way?

Please, watch your tongue around me; I am the daughter of the Most High God!


Moyosore Abegunde.

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