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A search for Peace

Friday, 16 November 2018 · Basics of Faith
Jack has always been the top of his class; many envied his vast knowledge and abilities. People gathered at his feet to be taught just like Jesus at His sermon on the mount.  Lecturers liked him, his parents were proud of him but a piece of him was missing. It felt like a hollow space in his heart. He did not have peace. The peace of God which surpasses all human understanding did not dwell in him. Yet, people thought he lived a perfect life. Little did they know that his heart and mind were never at rest.
Mr Tony had his own company; it was yielding greater turnovers every year. He had a couple of guest appearances here and there and even got featured in the most influential business tycoons. However, his case is very similar to that of Jack’s. To the world, he seemed fulfilled and successful but in his closet, he was dealing with an unfathomable restlessness. A man without Christ is a man without peace, no matter how successful or blessed he may think he is. (Eph 2:14- for HE Himself is our peace)
Ps 34:14 says depart from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it. This scripture is admonishing us to go after peace instead of engaging in evil practices. A way for us to seek this peace is to know peace (Christ Himself). Fellowshipping with Him and consistent study of the word unravels the gift of peace.
Peace can be viewed in different contexts. It is a fruit of the spirit wherein we are meant to exhibit peace; living in peace with all men. The lord gave us His peace and instructed us not to be afraid but trust in Him (Jn 14:27)
I do not see peace as just a quality but also an instruction from the lord. Peace is but one of the various ingredients necessary for eternal life. Let us all live in peace, have peace (i.e. have Christ in us) and we will have peace of mind. The search for peace is not far-fetched.

Osarennoma Ogbeide.
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