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Alumni Reunion Logistics


About four (4) months prior to the ASF, UI Alumni Reunion, the Executive Body of the fellowship set up a 3-man committee saddled with the responsibility of organising the Programme. Subsequently, it was decided that the reunion would hold on Saturday, 13th June, 2015. Five members of the fellowship were invited to join the committee, thereby constituting as follows:

1.       Matthew Ajibade

2.       Tosin Olusegun

3.       Chisom Okuwunze

4.       Osoke Ogbeide

5.       Kingsley Okoh

6.       Kehinde Adeolu-Saliu

7.       Adeleke David

8.       Omotola Ogunjobi


The committee had several meetings to brainstorm on ways to effectively publicise the programme. Many suggestions were made and with the help of certain alumni such as Dr. Seun Esan, Bukunmi Ogunsola, Kunmi Fatoki and Dolapo Olufajo, the committee got a head start.

A comprehensive list of alumni was obtained from the ASF, UI secretariat and a bulk SMS was sent to all the phone numbers on the list introducing the Alumni Reunion about 2 months prior to the program.

Dolapo Olufajo, an alumnus who is familiar with a large chunk of the alumni, was assigned to place calls through to as many alumni as possible. He explained the purpose of the reunion and encouraged them to be in attendance. 

The committee, after sampling the opinion of both alumni and undergraduates, decided to make the reunion a day long programme with 2 sessions to afford everyone the opportunity to attend despite their tight schedules. Subsequently, a programme of events concept was established in an attempt to ensure the event was exciting, and worth the time and effort involved in travelling for such an event. The venue, Chapel Hall Basement, was secured and detailed information concerning accommodation was obtained for those who would need it.

 Afterwards, the committee members divided the names of alumni amongst themselves and placed calls through to the alumni to assess their response toward attending the program. Some were positive, some more had excuses, others were unsure and few phone numbers were invalid.

One of the alumni, Tobi Akindejoye, was asked to help make a poster for the event indicating the venue, date, time and some details of the programme about a month prior to the event. This was displayed on the social media. It was posted on the Alumni group WhatsApp page, on ASF, UI Facebook page, on ASF 2013/2014 graduates WhatsApp page, individuals used it as their display pictures on whatsapp, BBM.

Emails from the ASF, UI email address containing the details of the programme and how to fund it were sent to all the alumni few weeks to the programme. Contact numbers were also indicated in the mail.

Few weeks to the scheduled date, a Facebook event containing all the details of the programme was created and subsequently further information was posted daily about the event. About 300 invites were sent and over 50 people indicated they would be attending the event. Countdown posters were also placed on the page from 7 days to the event by an alumnus, Tolu Ijitona.

The committee members followed up the alumni they called earlier and gave them the required information. Over 60 still indicated their interest while some remained unsure.  A bulk SMS was sent 3 days to the event as a reminder to all the alumni.

The event was fully funded by the alumni, and funds were sent into the fellowships bank account from alumni all across the world.

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Alumni Reunion Logistics