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Alumni Reunion Report




1. Opening Prayer

2. Praise and worship

3. Welcome Address

4. Video clip

5. Introduction of Excos

6. Hymn

7. Word Exposition

8. Presentation of Fellowship Needs

9. Discussions.

10. Closing Prayer.

The programme started exactly 12:20pm with the opening prayer led by Revd. Wole Oladapo, and the praise and worship was led by the choir.

Welcome Address: The welcome address was delivered by the pioneer president, Dr. Seun Esan. In his address, he welcomed all the Alumni who were able to make it to the programme and highlighted the reasons for the reunion as followed:

Ø  To fellowship with one another again after a long period of departure

Ø  To deliberate on some issues as regards ASF,UI

Exposition: The theme for the exposition is Firm Knitting and the text was taken from 1Samuel 18:1. The expositor was Revd. Canon Jaiye Fadayomi. In his message, he emphasized the following points:

Ø  Knitting means having the same mind, passion and goals. It involves valuing one another.

Ø  Our fellowship is as a result of being knitted together. Thus, we ought to be knitted fellows like David and Jonathan.

Ø  We are knitted in different ways while we are in the fellowship. E.g. through our relationship with one another and marriage.

 After the exposition  a video clip was played on the need to have a resolute mind to seek a genuine and strong relationship with God.


Presidents Address:

Introduction of the Fellowship Executive: The president, Bro. Okonkwo Timothy, presented the 2014/2015 fellowship executives to the house and they each introduced themselves appropriately.

Presentation of fellowship needs: The president, Bro. Okwonko Timothy presented the report of the fellowship and this included the fellowships programmes from the last reunion to date, and then proceeded to state the needs of the fellowship as follows:

Ø  Permanent worship center

Ø  8KVA Generator

Ø  Bus

Discussion: The discussion was anchored by Bro. Oluwaniisola Ogundayomi involved the responses to the needs of the fellowship. Sis. Tooni Olagbaju stated that she expected that the cost of each need would have been stated and printed out, and action was taken to that effect immediately.

Ø  8KVA Generator: Bro. Seun Oladele said the gadgets the Fellowship wanted to power will determine the type of generator the Fellowship will need. In addition to this, Bro. Gbenga Ojubolamo inquired about the generator in current use and Bro. Oshe Jesuye, The Technical Coordinator said it is a 5KVA generator and further explained why the Fellowship has to buy 8KVA Generator was as a result of programmes that would involve many gadgets like Word Conference, Anglicana etc.  After much deliberations on this the house concluded that further investigation should be carried out on the capacity requirements, prices and fuel economy of generator options before making a purchase.

Ø  Fellowship Centre: The president, Bro. Okonkwo Timothy intimated the house on the on-going renovation at St. Annes Female Hostel Chapel and how the place was no longer conducive for members during weekly services due to the increasing population of members. Bro. Oluwaniisola David in his response to this said having a permanent place of worship might not be possible because the University of Ibadan does not give out or sell land to organizations. He then said the fellowship should just try and make St. Annes Chapel conducive enough for the members.

Ø   Bus Project: The president, Bro. Okonkwo Timothy mentioned that about N 1.3million is in the bus project account. Bro. Oluwaniisola asked for responses from the alumni as to how the balance would be realized. Sis. Omowumi Onafuwa suggested the Alumni be taxed. Bro. Ayoola Abolarinwa said taxing one another is good but it would be better if it is within a time frame. Revd. Segun Ogunyemi agreed with the idea of buying a new bus but emphasized the issue of maintenance. Bro. Akinosun Temitayo suggested the fellowship gets a second hand bus out of the money on ground to meet the urgent need of the fellowship. Bro. Nnaya said if we could have 50 to 100 people who are serious about the project it shall be achieved in a short while. Bro. Seun Oladele said that the best way to raise the money is that the Alumni tax themselves. Bro. Ayoola Abolarinwa said that if the house agrees to do that, the amount should not be fixed. Sis Ayodele Ewemooje said it better the amount is fixed. Bro. Oladein Oluwaseun suggested the former bus be sold and the money be added to the one on ground. Bro. Gbenga Ojubolamo suggested the Alumni make it a yearly commitment, that a months Salary is given to ASF UI out of their salary.

After much deliberation on this, the pioneer President, Dr. Seun Esan came up with the following suggestions:

Ø   That the fellowship should be modest in her spending in order to generate more money towards the project.

Ø  That all the Alumni should decide on the percentage of their tithes they will give to the fellowship.

Ø  That we should look-out for people within the following range that could give the specified amount:

o   3-5 people who could give N100,000

o   5-10 people who could give N 50,000

o   20 people who could give N 20,000

o   30 people who could give N 10,000

While the all other brethren should still give according to their individual capacities. Written pledges were made to this effect. Bro. Gbenga Ojubolamo said pledges should be sent to the fellowship account.

Dr. Seun Esan said the gap between the Alumni shall be bridged by having regional Chapters of the Alumni which would be presided over by each regional Chairman that would be chosen. The issue was to be discussed in the evening session of the Alumni Reunion Programme, he said.

The morning session was brought to an end with closing prayer led by Sis. Seun Orojo at exactly 3:45pm.





Order of Programme

Ø  Opening prayer

Ø  Introduction I

Ø  Games

Ø  Spoken words, special numbers and faith boosting testimonies

Ø  Introduction II

Ø  Talk: Networking

Ø  Introduction III

Ø  Finalizing the forum structure

Ø  Games II/ video clip

Ø  Memorials

Ø  Yom-yom and Mentorship

Ø  A.O. B

Ø  Closing Remark

Ø  Closing Prayer

The evening session started exactly 6:30pm with opening prayer led by Bro. Akinosun Temitayo and some of the attendees introduced themselves. Venue was beautifully setup for an alumni and finalists dinner.

Testimonies: Sis Omowumi Onafuwa testified to the goodness of God on how she was delivered from an accident that would had claimed her life.

Game I: The game was tagged Human Bingo was held to facilitate familiarity amongst the alumni and the students who were present. It involved everyone and ot was much fun.

Talk: A talk which was tagged career network was delivered by a past ASF, UI president, Dr. Aderemi Jesulola from Australia, via a video presentation. It was enlightening and impacting.

Memorials: Tributes were read out in memory of two of our departed brethren:

1. Bro. Aderemi Roy, Department of Microbiology, who served as the Mellanby hall Rep. for two sessions and was a choir member.

2. Prof. A.F. Abimbola, Department of Geology, a former staff adviser who was a father figure to ASF, UI.

A minute silence was observed to honour them afterwards.

Game II: This game was tagged Draw your sword and it came up immediately after the memorial. A short video recording by a member of the felloship, Sis. Moyosore Abegunde was used to introduce the game. There were about 6 contestants.

Spoken Words: A poem titled 'He is Here by Amena Brown' was beautifully and accurately delivered by Sis. Osoke Ogbeide, a member of the Alumni reunion committee. She reminded us that God's presence is a reality.

Video Clip: A video clip was shown, titled DREAM. It motivated people to go for their dreams despite all odds.

Bro. Olufajo Dolapo urged alumni who have not been receiving monthly messages from the fellowship to write down their phone numbers. People were asked to write down phone numbers of alumni whose contacts had changed as suggested by Sis Ebun Akinboro. Bro. Olufajo Dolapo announced that A.S.F has a website and a Facebook group. He encouraged everyone to visit the pages and get registered as members or alumni of the fellowship. Bro. Ogunsola Bukunmi suggested we use the social media to get the numbers of the brethren who the fellowship no longer had their contacts. Bro. Oyekunle Busayo said that the Finalist coordinators of every set should be saddled with the responsibility of getting the contacts of their set members. Bro. Olufajo Dolapo asked Bro. Victor Ojetayo, the finalist coordinator for 2014/2015 session the number of the finalists presently and in response he said there are 42. He was then saddled with the responsibility of making sure that all the 42 finalists follow the A.S.F Facebook group.

Alumni Structure:  The following people were appointed to pilot alumni meetings in the region stated:

1. Bro. Nonso Ibineye- Eastern Region

2. Lagos Region- No one was chosen

3. Mr and Mrs Segun Ewemooje - Akure Region


Comment about Alumni forum: Bro. Ologunore Fisayo suggested a formal structure (Executive Body) for the Alumni, who will be saddled with the responsibility of managing the Alumni forum, while the finalist coordinator for each session should be inducted into this Arm for the purpose of continuity. Bro. Temitayo Akinosun talked about effectiveness in managing the affairs of the Alumni forum. He said, for this body to be effective, social media should be used maximally. Bro. Oso Oluwatobi talked about making A.S.F a burden in the hearts of individuals. Bro. Nnaya said there is need for Alumni to meet regularly. In response to this, Bro. Olufajo Dolapo asked how regularly the Alumni should meet. There were many responses to this, but after much deliberation, it was agreed upon that every year would be the best for alumni reunion, the date shall be communicated to everyone early. It was then announced that Alumni in Ibadan shall hold their meeting the following month, July or early in August, 2015.

Cutting of Cake: All the Alumni who were still present at the end of the evening session cut the cake. The cake was baked for free by one of the Alumni in attendance, Sis. Tooni Olagbaju.

In total, 41 alumni were in attendance for the two sessions.

The programme ended by 9:30 pm, with the closing prayer said by Bro. Gbenga Ojubolamo.

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Alumni Reunion Report