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Oluwaseun Esan

He hails from Erijiyan-Ekiti, Ekiti-west L.G.A. in Ekiti State. He was born into a family of six children and is the fifth. He was born on the 14th of May, 19... For his primary education, he attended Our Saviour?s Anglican Primary school and Christ school for his secondary education in 1994; he went to the Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti and earned a National Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. This was by divine arrangement.

He got admission to study Veterinary Medicine in U.I in 1998 but did not resume till 1999 due to strike. He finished from the U.I. in February 2006, which means he spent about eight years studying a six-year course. This was due to a six-month strike and on resumption, the then U.I. authority wanted to renovate their halls of residence so they were given another six months break.

He just completed his Masters programme in Veterinary Medicine and he hopes to start his Ph.D in January 2010. He presently works with with Brooder house Limited, a food safety company.
The firm has two arms. The human health and nutrition and the animal health and nutrition department. He works in the animal health and nutrition department.

Experience in ASF
When he came to U.I., there was no A.S.F. He had pre-information ?cos his sister just completed her masters and had pre-oriented him on what fellowship to attend. He because of that attended I.V.C.U. but he knew his place was not there because when he was praying for admission, the condition he attached to it was that he will serve God in A.S.F.

After service one Sunday, he ran into Rev. Taiwo, the pioneer president, who together they shared the vision of starting A.S.F. and they kicked off immediately using the chapel of the resurrection ground as the venue of the fisrt service. the first few years were quite difficult and particularly discouraging but they i.e. the pioneers encouraged each other.

He was a member of every unit including the choir, despite the fact that he doesn?t sing well. This was due to lack of personnel.(He also served as Evangelism Secretary and Organising Secretary) and in the 2000/2001 session, when he was going to 200level, he became the president of the fellowship and served in that capacity for two session. He actually chose not to be president a third session because he was both president of the Oyo State Chpater of A.S.F. and General Secretary of the Western Zone. This was 2002/2003 session. In 2003/2004 session he became the A.S.F. National vice President. It was in his first tenure as A.S.F. President that a constitutiuon was established because the house was increasing and there was the need for a back account.

The whole journey both through U.I. and through A.S.F. was very challenging because ordinarily, the faculty of veterinary Medicine is not an easy one talk more of combing with so much commitment to fellowship work. They usually had exco?s meetings after each fellowship meeting and many times he had test(s) the followship day and by the time he got to his room, he was always so tired that he sleeps and many times, God has revealed what question was going to be asked the following day. That was the reward of serving God diligently. At the same time, they did not encourage laziness. They always reminded each other that they are members of A.S.F. because they are students of U.I.

He also says that it is very good to serve God as a young man when you have the strength. Another thing that kept him going was that they never did anything without God?s instructions and direction. Nobody lived above his ability because they were so few that they could not afford to loose anyone ( to withdrawal). It was also very challenging, putting so much effort into something and getting so little result. They finally had a major breakthrough with the set. Despite all these, they were not disturbed by the number and always wanted to enjoy God?s presence. They did not shy away from what they didn?t know, rather, they took it as a challenge.

Life outside School:
He says he is thankful for the opportunity he had to serve God in A.S.F. It was just like saving for rainy days. The discipline that was instilled into him still helps him till date.

Dr Esan?s ministry is a unique one and that is to minister to other ministers of the gospel both physically and spiritually. He also has a ministry in marriage counselling though God is still working on him in that area, on the one hand, since he is not married, and on the other he still has many things to learn from God in that area. He plans to organise interdenominational seminars, were practical marriage issues will be discussed for both singles and married.

His hobbies are playing and watching football, reading and meeting people. His favourite food is fried rice with chicken, and his best colour is cream.

Philosophy of life:
A man?s life is not in what he has in terms of possession, money, knowledge, etc., it is about how you are able to impact others positively. That was Jesus.

Message of A.S.F.:
Keep the flag flying and Let it go higher and higher such that people would want to know more of God through A.S.F. and you won?t need to start talking to them about her because ?a city set on a hill cannot be hidden?.
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Alumnus of the month: Oluwaseun Esan
Alumnus of the Month: Oluwaseun Esan