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Ologunore Fisayo

Can we please meet you sir?
My name is Ologunore Fisayo Christopher. I finished from UI and I’m a qualified doctor. I’m currently doing my house job in UCH, Ibadan.

Can we know about your family?
I’m from a family of six. I have 3 siblings. We hail from Ondo state. My father is a school principal and my mother is a primary school teacher. I’m the third child of four children.

How has your house job been?
It has been nice. It’s a good experience. I’m basically doing everything which is fantastic. No dull moments. (smiles)

How was your stay in UI?
It was beautiful. I first stayed in Tedder Hall before I got accommodation in Bello Hall. ASFUI also made my stay in UI interesting. I met a lot of amazing people; the Topes ( Adegbuyi and Ogunrinde), Gboyega(who is currently squatting me *chuckles*) and many others. We attended all the Freshers’ Welcome Programs then and we also organised Freshers welcome and Finalist Sendforth for about 2or 3 sets. I also engaged in sports while in UI before I crossed over to UCH.

Where there any challenges you faced shuffling between UCH and UI?
Yes there was. I thank God for people like Gboyega, sis Ebun, sis Doyin, bro Nonso and many more who were also going back to ASF even though they were in UCH. It was really an encouragement to me.  It was also challenging in the area of transportation. There were times we all had to contribute money to transport ourselves from UCH to UI.

Wow! How interesting and challenging at the same time. During your stay in UI, were you privileged to serve in any positions in the fellowship?
Yeah… I served as the Sultan Bello Hall Rep, Chief Usher, ABH rep and the Welfare Secretary (Male).

What about units you served in?
I served in ushering unit, welfare unit and academic unit though I wasn’t too involved in the academic unit.

How did you balance it all?
It was God’s help! Also I also had to plan my time well. My weekends were usually very busy, we usually had excos meeting which would end late and before I get to UCH I’d be really tired so I usually slept. But thank God for His faithfulness. I also tried to read one hour everyday. We failed o! but we passed when it mattered the most (laughs).

What was your best preaching in ASFUI?
Ancient Pathway by Bro Gboyega Ajayi and wedding gown by Bro Jide Odoba.

What do you plan on doing after your House Job in UCH?
Well, national service. I hope to serve in a good place like the South-East or South-South and then maybe North Central. Then after service I haven’t decided if I’ll further in my academics or become a politician.

What area do you plan on specialising in?
I like paediatrics, I like taking care of little children. My second choice will be psychiatry. If I don’t do those two, I’ll do orthopaedics. I think I’ll continue with medicine I like medicine. what’s your relationship status?
AH! (laughs) Unfortunately it’s still as before, I’m single. But we’re working on it.

Any word of advice to ASFites?
Yes, firstly, never forget ASFUI. Wherever you and in whatever you do because some people stayed awake for you praying for you. Never forget ASFUI. It’s the least you can do. And then, never write anyone off. Always give people second chances. Also, while you are in ASF learn as much you can while you’re in school.

Thank you very much Dr. Fisayo!
It’s my pleasure!
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Alumnus of the month: Ologunore Fisayo
Alumnus of the Month: Ologunore Fisayo